June 16, 2020

Yangarra Resources Ltd. continues clean-up efforts to respond to a spill that occurred at their Crude Oil, Single Battery  located at 13-10-037-08W5M (Site), approximately 25 kilometres southwest of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The spill occurred on April 25th and involved the release of approximately 37m3 of crude oil. Vacuum trucks continue to assist with retrieving fluid from the impacted areas. To date, 680.8m3 of crude oil combined with wash water and surface water has been disposed of at a registered disposal facility. Approximately 2000m3 of impacted soil has been removed; soil remediation is now complete. Wildlife protection measures have been enacted and no known harm to wildlife has occurred as a result of this incident. The Alberta Energy Regulator downgraded this incident to non-emergency status on May 3, 2020.