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Human Rights Commitment & Accommodation

Yangarra Resources Ltd., (the “Company”) envisions a vibrant and inclusive company where the diversity of people is celebrated and respected, and where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate, free from discrimination.

The Company believes in, supports and is committed to human rights and social justice. Security is a fundamental right for all. We acknowledge the variety of security issues we face as a Company, both locally and internationally, and strive to ensure safe working conditions and environments for all those within our sphere of influence.

We recognize, respect and abide by all labour, child labour and employment laws and expect our contract service companies, contractors and other third-party companies to meet the same standards. These include prohibitions on child labor, forced labor and discriminatory behavior as well as recognition of the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.
We value and respect the traditions and the culture of the many different communities in which we do business.

We believe our business activities should contribute to the economic well-being and quality of life where we do business, as do our community investments. We recognize the effect that our activities may have on local communities, and we value and strive to engage in a meaningful way with the communities where we do business to help ensure we positively contribute to the welfare of the local communities.

The Company will endeavor to conduct business with employees, contractors and contract service companies who share our values and business principles. We will inform them of our Human Rights Statement and Code of Integrity,

Business Ethics and Conduct and expect they will comply with those principles.

Under the Alberta Human Rights Act, Yangarra Resources Ltd./Yangarra Production Partnership, the “Company” has a duty to accommodate. This means the Company must make every reasonable effort to meet your needs as a person living with a disability, so you can get your work done and do well on the job.

The Company is committed to Accommodation; meaning making changes to certain rules, standards, policies,
workplace cultures and physical environments to ensure that they don’t have a negative effect on a person because of the person’s mental or physical disability, religion, gender or any other protected ground.