YGR - Low cost execution

Central Alberta’s most integrated and operational low cost oil and gas producer.

Consistent & Predictable

Yangarra Resources has maintained consistent and predictable work for all its contractors and staff year over year. This makes the Company a leadering producer and employer in Central Alberta.

Accountability Matters

Accountable to our shareholders, employees, contractors, and community members every step of the way. Our capital programs will continue to support the communities which we work.

Yangarra Resources Ltd. is a Canadian junior oil and gas company engaged in the exploration, development and production of clean natural gas and conventional oil.

The Company has its main focus on Central Alberta, where it has an extensive infrastructure and land holdings. These areas include, O’Chiese, Willesden Green, Ferrier, Cow Lake, and Chedderville.



Q3 -2022 Q2-2022
Production (boe/d) 11,750 10,554
Operating Netback $45.44 $55.52
Shares O/S (Current) 87,951,394
16% Basic
23% Fully Diluted

Our Communities

Yangarra Resources is proud to be a responsible oil and gas producer and a driver of economic development that supports communities within Central Alberta. We contribute to the community primarily through our capital program, which benefits local suppliers and vendors, while creating jobs and tax revenue for the local municipalities. We are a major employer in the area which we operate.

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